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The 2015 Vets and Vintagers Chili-fest at Colorado Clays

The Rocky Mountain Vintagers held their Wounded Veterans event on April 12th at Colorado Clays in Brighton. It was windy but the Veterans all got some shooting in and hopefully a bowl of chili, or two. Great time was had by all. While Doug Kraft was off in Argentina (I think they have some bird shootin’ down there somewhere), Cory Kraft held down the fort, provided clays for the Vets, and hosted the event. Thank you, Cory!

The RMV raised nearly $600.00 for the Freedom Hunters organization. The new food service at Colorado Clays, Smokin’ Stoves, provided lunch at no charge for all the veterans present. Thank you, Smokin’ Stoves!

For the auction…

After the shoot.