Message from the President emeritus

It has been a great privilege and honor to serve as your President for the past 12 years but the time has now come for me to "pass the baton." The last twelve years have been a wonderful run of Rocky Mountain Vintager camaraderie, fine SxS and great times ... the essence of our organization. New leadership will bring fresh ideas and renewed vigor.

Bob and Cyndee Nikkel have graciously volunteered to accept the mantle of leadership. Please give them the same support and respect you have provided me.

The transition will be a seamless one as the Executive Committee of Don Freuden, Michael Sabbeth and Rob Anderson will continue into 2013. I will be on board in an advisory capacity as needed and will continue to attend Vintager shoots, drink fine single malt scotch and grill steaks on the BBQ! :- )

To the leadership trigger,
Bruce Koranski