Noah Webb (Champion) and Ron White (runnerup) are happy shooters as they walk away with the hardware at the Polar Bear Trap Shoot – 2008.

Bruce and Lori Koranski celebrate with Vintager founder, Ray Poudrier -
Vintage Cup 2002 in Sandanona, New York

David Baker, renowned side by side writer, as he prepares to speak to the Rocky
Mtn. Vintagers - 2003 in Denver

Colorado Vintager founder, Jack Dellello, prepares for the trap range -
2004 Buckley TSSC

Holly and Jeff Seim with oil painting of their two setters, painted by Eric Griffiths, a very talented guy!

Wayne Spence, with a classic single barrel at the Polar Bear Trap Shoot –2004

Supported by four superb dog handlers and a rapidly recovering Richard Glaze, feathers flew in all directions as 120 birds were thrown. Splendiferous meal, great camaraderie ... Vintaging at it's finest!